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USB-C E-Marker 3.0
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MY7604 is USB Type-C Electronic Marker cable component for USB Type-C cable that complies with the USB Type-C and Power Delivery 3.0 standards.

MY7604 is a low-cost device which integrated VCONN isolation diodes and RA resistors, minimize BOM and easy for cable assembly.


PD 3.0 Compliant
 • Support USB power delivery specification revision 3.0
 • Supports programming over CC line using unstructured vendor defined messages
 • Support SOP’communication
 • Optimized for low power consumption
 • Support 3V to 5.5V operation on VCON1/VCON2 pin

Side-band Signal Support
 • Supports SMBus for programming and debugging

Memory on board
 • OTP Programming Support over CC or SMBus (triple-time)
 • Supports eight-time writable memory to store cable VDO, certification, status VDO, product VDO, etc.
 • Support write-protection function to avoid cable information be modified

 • DFN8L ( 2mm x 3mm) with 0.5mm pin pitch for easy manufacturing
 • Integrate RA resistor and isolation diode
 • Compatible with standard PCB process

 • Mytek standard programming tools (including SDK)

 • USB Type-C Cable
 • Power adapters
 • Wall chargers
 • Car chargers
 • Power strip
 • Power bank
 • Smart Phone, Tablet
 • NoteBook