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MyTek Electronics is a professional integrated circuit Flash controller design company at Gaochun located in Nanjing. MyTek Electronics also has own proprietary technology IP patents. We mainly focus on the controller design and applied system module development of Smart WIFI Dongle, Memory Card, solid state drive (SSD), USB Type-C etc., providing high-quality series of Flash controller products and solutions related to semiconductor storage.

NAND flash is very suitable for the memory of security monitoring, cloud data center and automobile industry except in the consumer market, industrial market and enterprise application. MyTek Electronics RD team can provides more competitive SD, Type-C and SSD controller with a smaller chip size, lower power consumption, and cost advantages. And also can develops special software and testing tool to improve NAND flash R/W performance and enhance mass production yield-rate for SD/TF card, solid state device (SSD) and SSD module. Customers can achieve more stability and better performance of SSD through MyTek Celctronics unique algorithm technique.