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With the concept of talents as the fundamental and most valuable assets of the company, MyTek emphasizes the ladder, function, planning and continuity of training planning and learning maps through a comprehensive training system, providing opportunities for colleagues to continue self-growth (Individual Development Plan). Colleagues who are happy to work are often the most efficient group within the company. We believe that a good work space and learning environment will bring more growth and vitality to our colleagues and create the driving force for success.
We offer different learning channels to meet the learning needs of colleagues.
 • Internal training: Invite external lecturers or internal lecturers to hold various training courses within the company.
 • Extra-training: Participate in external training courses and seminars.
 • On-the-job training: Through the professional function learning from work, such as work guidance, implementation, participation in the project, etc., let colleagues "learn to do" to get the knowledge and skills needed for the job.
 • Online learning: Learning on the Internet, you can learn according to personal rhythm regardless of time and space.
 • Self-learning: Learn other cross-disciplinary knowledge, computer skills or second foreign languages according to your personal career plan. You can also expand your personal learning experience by self-reading or taking part in in-service refresher courses.


Cooperate with the company's operational strategy plan and organizational development, HR department plans various types of institutional education and training courses, and use innovative and diverse teaching models to comprehensively promote peer education and training, in order to achieve the highest learning outcomes and enhance colleagues' knowledge, skills and capabilities. In addition, MyTek will strengthen its competitiveness and achieve the vision of continuous growth of the company and all its colleagues.