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MyTek's MY6601 SD-to-Flash controller specially designed for SD Card/TF card and embedded NAND applications. With built-in Enhanced BCH ECC, MY6601 is capable of supporting 1x/2x/3x/4xnm flash (3D NAND) in SPI and SD mode.

The entire firmware is upgradable to the addition of Programmable RAM, allowing host design flexibility. Also supports CID Register (serial number/PNM/MDT etc.) information update and customized.

 Fully comply with SD3.0 Standard

 • System Specification SD3.0 Compliance
 • Support CPRM
 • Support UHS-I (SDR50, SDR104, DDR50)
 • Support clock frequencies 0~208MHz
 • Support 1/4 bit data bus
 • Programmable Read-Block-Length supported from 1 to 512.
 • Support only High Voltage (2.7 ~ 3.6V)

 • Normal: BCH 70/65/43/40/28/24/16/8 (Data unit : 1KB)
 • Enhanced: BCH 140/130/86/80/56/48/32/16 (Data unit: 1KB)
 • Support 2D SLC/MLC/TLC and 3D MLC/TLC

 • IP Camera & E-Book
 • Smartphone/Tablet/CE
 • Personal Computing & IPC
 • Game Console & Learning Machine
 • Intelligent City & Digital Monitoring
 • GPS Navigation Device & Traffic Command
 • Financial Trading System &  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)