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USB-C QC to PD Controller
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The MY7605 is a highly integrated QC to USB Power Delivery (PD) controller that supports Qualcomm® Quick ChargeTM 3.0 or Quick Charge 2.0 or BC1.2 or Fast Charger Protocol (FCP) and Smart charge protocol(SCP) technologies to USB PD 3.0 Programmable Power Supply(PPS) specification . It is designed for QC to PD3.0/TYPE-C applications such as power charge cable or power charge board for QC to PD3.0 and etc.

The MY7605 minimizes external components by integrating USB PD baseband PHY, Type-C detection, voltage and vbus short circuit monitors, NMOS/PMOS load switch driver and an 8-bit MCU(8051) to allow small form factor and low BOM cost. MCU so as to facilitate various functions of communication protocol(QC to PD), protections and customized requirements. Supports PD 3.0 Programmable Power Supply (PPS) specification. One-Time-Programmable ROM is provided for program code and user configuration data. The IC allows designer to check USB TYPE-A charge capability and define a USB-C port as a Provider program setup.


USB Type-C and USB-PD
 • Supports USB PD 3.0 including Programmable
    Power Supply(PPS)
 • Support type C connection handshaking
 • Built-in Rp & BMC Physical Layer
 • Integrated VCONN power and switch for
    reading E-marked cable(75mw)
 • Provider(source) only

 • VBUS Short circuit detected
 • Embedded charge pump and slew rate control
    for NMOS VBUS switch
 • PMOS VBUS switch
 • VBUS quick discharge
 • VBUS Monitor

Support kinds of USB interface for power charge
 • Stand downstream port(SDP)
 • BC1.2--Charge downstream port(CDP)
 • BC1.2--Dedicated Charge port(DCP)
 • Fast charger Protocol
    (FCP,18W,5V~9V STEP 0.5V)
 • Smart charger Protocol
    (SCP,22W,5V/4.5A,4.5V/ 5A)
 • QC2.0(5V,9V,12V,20V)
 • QC3.0(5V,9V,12V,20V, Continuous mode)

Fault protections
 • VBUS Short circuit detected
 • Over temperature protection (>140℃) 

PD CC1/CC2 status change

 • 8051 compatible MCU
 • 8K bytes One-Time-Programmable OTP
 • 8K bytes VIA ROM
 • PD Protocol, Policy Engine and Device
    Policy Manager
 • Fast Charger Protocol (FCP)
 • Smart Charge Protocol (SCP)
 • 256 bytes SRAMX2
 • Deep sleep mode
 • Deep sleep Wakeup source:
 • VBUS short detected
 • PD CC1/CC2 attach
 • PD CC1/CC2 detach

External PARALLEL FLASH interface for Test Chip
 • DP_A/DM_A status change
 • GPIO change
 • Over temperature

PD CC1/CC2 status change

Internal RC oscillator 12MHZ ,10KHZ

Internal LDO 5V,1.8V,3.3V

Serial interface:I2C,UART,SPI

Package: 8-Pin SOP,16-Pin SSOP,64-PIN LQFP(Test Chip)

Operating voltage range: 5V~20V

Operating temperature:-25℃ to +125℃

 • USB Type-C Cable
 • Power adapters
 • Wall chargers
 • Car chargers
 • Power strip
 • Power bank
 • Smart Phone, Tablet
 • NoteBook