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The MY8603 is a product which is a SOC with high performance, power saving and cost-effective target for BlockChain, Digital currency and IoT application. The MY8603 includes hardware crypto accelerator, USB 2.0 high-speed device controller, SD card reader controller, and popular serial interface controller. With its high performance and rich interfaces, MY8603 can be easily applied to system manufacturing for BlockChain & IoT application.

For BlockChain and Digital Currency application, MY8603 implement the pure hardware accelerate crypto engine with Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) standard supporting SECP256K1, SECP256R1, Curve25519 and Ed25519. Besides special ECC standard, MY8603 also support other crypto standards including BASE(16 / 32 / 58 / 64 / 2048 bit), AES(128bit / 256bit) and SHA(256bit / 512bit / HMAC).

In addition to the hardware function, MyTek provides complete Firmware & Software (including mobile APP) for a variety of different block applications, enabling customers to quickly develop their own applications and get products to market. The firmware & software for Digital Currency fit the Bitcoin (Bitcoin algorithm, BIP32, BIP44), Ethereum & ERC20 Tokens (support Smart Contact), Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash & etc.

For BlockChain IoT application, MY8603 also support the worldwide standard liking IBM Hyperledger, R3 Corda and Quorum. When customers want to put products into those private IoT BlockChain, they can quickly adopt the complete solution of MyTek, and easily complete the test verification and shorten the time to market.

In the BlockChain and Digital Currency world, security is also a very important factor. The MY8603 is an SOC embedded memory, so it can provide a highest security level. Private keys can be stored in an extra secure storage chip, it can ensure that all information is not stolen.

MY8603 has integrated the technology of many third-party partners to string the whole service from the cloud to the chip. When customers adopt MY8603, they can focus on the application of self-professional field without worrying about the underlying basic services. The MY8603 is the excellent solution for BlockChain and Digital Currency.

■ Crypto Engine■ BlockChain Application
   ▶ ECC   ▶ Digital Currency
     ◆ SECP256K1     ◆ Bitcoin
     ◆ SECP256R1       • Bitcoin algorithm
     ◆ CURVE25519       • BIP32
     ◆ ED25519       • BIP44
   ▶ Base:16 / 32 / 58 / 64 / 2048 bit     ◆ Ethereum
   ▶ AES:128bit / 256bit       • ERC20 Tokens
   ▶ SHA:256bit / 512bit / HMAC       • Smart Contact
     ◆ Others: Litecoin,Ripple,USDT
■ Flexible I/O
   ▶ UART x 3, full-duplex■ System
   ▶ I2C x 2, master or slave   ▶ Using external NOR-flash or NAND-flash to
   ▶ I2S audio in/out       store customized setting and code
   ▶ SPI x 3, master or slave
   ▶ PWM x 3■ Embedded Clock Generator
   ▶ SD-IO   ▶ Oscillator:12MHz system & 32768Hz RTC
   ▶ GPIOs   ▶ Embedded PLL
     ◆ Adjustable pull-high/pull-low
     ◆ Adjustable driving strength■ DRAM Controller
     ◆ Schmitt trigger controllable I/O   ▶ DDR SDRAM controller supported up to 64Mb
■ Storage memory Controller■ OTP
   ▶ Secure Digital card and SDIO   ▶ 1KB OTP for customize setting
   ▶ Support SDXC
   ▶ USB Specification revision 2.0 High/Full■ ADC
       Speed Compliant (Storage Class Compliant)   ▶ 8-bit ADC
■ 32-biit CPU■ TRNG
   ▶ Instruction Cache, Data Cache   ▶ True random number generator analog IP

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