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SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) NAND Flash provides a small size and low pin count solution in high density non-volatile memory storage solution for embedded systems.

The SPI NAND Flash follows the industry-standard serial peripheral interface. It is an attractive alternative to SPI-NOR and standard parallel NAND Flash. The total pin count is 8, including VCC and GND.


CapacityNAND Flash Interface
• 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB• Internal ECC (per 512B)
• Internal data move page with ECC
Standard, Dual and Quad SPI• Standard Density: 1Gb/2Gb/4Gb
• Standard: SCLK, CS, SI, SO, WP, HOLD• Special Density: follow customer's demand
• Dual: SCLK, CS, SIO0, SIO1, WP, HOLD
• Quad: SCLK, CS, SIO0, SIO1, SIO2, SIO3Power Supply and Consumption
• Clock frequency: 104MHz (maximum)• Voltage range: 2.7V ~ 3.6V
• Active: 40mA (maximum)
Enhanced access performance• Standby: 70uA (maximum)
• 4KB cache for fast random read
• Cache read and cache programSoftware/Hardware write protection
• Write protect all/option of memory via software
■ Security• Enable/Disable protection with WP pin
• 128KB OTP region

 • Set-Top Box & Data Recording
 • IP Camera & Toys
 • Mobile Phone & Bluetooth Headset
 • Networking Equipment
 • Bluetooth Speaker & IPTV
 • Wearable Device & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
 • Smart Automobile & Smart Home (IoT)