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SSD SATA3.0 Controller
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MyTek MY6801 is a high-performance flash memory controller specially developed for SATA 3.0 interface solid state drives (SSD, Solid State Drives), which meets the needs of large capacity, high efficiency and stability required by enterprises and data center applications. MY6801 supports the latest 3D TLC and QLC flash memory with a capacity of 16TB. The highest sequential read and write speeds reach 540MB/s, 520MB/s, which maximizes the bandwidth of the SATA interface.

MY6801 has two specifications: DRAM and DRAM-less. The DRAM-less products not only can the BOM cost be reduced, but also maintain a certain level of performance. This product can support M.2, 2.5", 1.8", Slim SATA (MO-297) and mSATA (MO-300) form factor SSDs.

Equipped with the error code correction (ECC) technology developed exclusively by MyTek, MY6801 can greatly increase the service life of 3D NAND of various brands. Developed for enterprise users, including SRAM ECC and end-to-end data path protection, etc., to ensure the reliability and integrity of data. MY6801 also uses exclusive TLC and SLC special algorithm, which greatly improves the continuous access performance of TLC and QLC NAND.

Host Interface
 • SATA 6Gb/s

 • 32bit CPU (Two CPUs)

Flash Controller
 • 8CH/8CE for total 64CE; 800MT/s
 • NAND Flash Type: 3D TLC/QLC
 • Max up to 16TB

Data Integrity and Reliability
 • SRAM ECC (SECDED/32b+7b)
 • E2E DPP (512B+2B CRC)
 • 256KB Programmable RAID Buffers

DRAM Controller
 • 16-bit data bandwidth
 • DDR3/3L/4-2133 and LPDDR3-1600
 • Max addressing to 16GB with Banking

 • AES 256 bit
 • SM2/3/4
 • TCG Opal Support

 • Sequential Read 540 MB/s
 • Sequential Write 520 MB/s
 • 4KB Random Read: 100K IOPs
 • 4KB Random Write: 30K IOPs

 • Server & Data Center
 • Personal Computing
 • Industrial & Embedded System
 • Automobile Industry
 • Aviation & Military Defense
 • Artificial Intelligence & self Driving
 • Digital Signage & POS