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MyTek wins the「KPMG China Top 50 "New Chip Technology Companies”」

With the development of the single-chip MY8603 for blockchain IoT applications, MyTek wins the 「KPMG China Top 50 "New Chip Technology Companies”」as an internationally renowned accounting firm KPMG at the "3rd China International Import Expo".

KPMG is one of the four major international accounting firms. The 「KPMG China Top 50 "New Chip Technology Companies”」 competition held in China, hundreds of manufacturers participated companies, the evaluation team includes KPMG experts and partners, well-known semiconductor companies, semiconductor associations, artificial intelligence industry alliances, and related experts and scholars. After more than one year of selection time, they personally visited actual interviews with participating manufacturers, and more than 600 hours of audit investigations to complete this list. The core selection dimensions mainly consider six indicators: technology and business model innovation, valuation and capital market recognition, semiconductor industry association recognition, market recognition, financial health, team capabilities, and four major application areas for semiconductor growth in 2020 5G communications, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and the Internet of Things entered, and the finalists were selected.

In the report released by KPMG, it was pointed out that benefiting from the implementation of 5G applications and the large number of shipments of related products, coupled with the continuous expansion of the current Internet of Things (IoT) market, the global semiconductor market has shown double-digit growth. For the part about semiconductors of the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things market will be further opened when the connected device manufacturers have more information about the production specifications, and the importance of security and privacy will be displayed at the same time. Unsafe IoT devices may harm the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers. The report pointed out that by 2023, one out of five cyber security incidents will result from the deployment of smart city IoT devices. The single-chip MY8603 of blockchain IoT developed by MyTek effectively solve the security problems of IoT devices through blockchain technology. At the same time, through the distributed ledger and decentralized features of blockchain technology, it is even more possible to realize machine-to-machine (M2M) self-service transactions in the Internet of Things.

In terms of patented technologies that the chip design industry focuses on, the R&D team of MyTek is all have solid R&D technology, and the R&D supervisors have more than 20 years of experience. The accumulated practical experience for many years allows the product competitiveness to compete with major Taiwanese and American manufacturers. The single-chip MY8603 for blockchain IoT independently developed by MyTek is the complete single-chip solution for blockchain IoT applications. In terms of hardware design, the key encryption engine of the blockchain adopts a pure hardware circuit design, which can increase substantially, reduce power consumption and cost substantially, which is very suitable for various mobile IoT devices. In terms of software, in view of the various industry specificities of the blockchain, a complete application-level SDK one-stop solution is provided, including various digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) or private chains such as Hyperledger and Quorum, allowing customers to significantly reduce development the difficulty and time of the software.

Benefiting from the market explosive power of applications such as 5G, big data, Internet of Things, and AI, MyTek wins the 「KPMG China Top 50 "New Chip Technology Companies”」which proved the company’s technology, R&D strength and future growth are recognized by all parties. At present, the products have been imported by first-tier manufacturers in various fields such as medical treatment, energy, and transportation, and it is expected that the performance will have breakthrough growth in the past two years.