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The Low Energy-consumption Block Chain IoT Chip

MyTek Electronics Corp. recently released the Block Chain IoT SoC MY8603. This chip provides a low-power solution for the devices and the related fields of identification, which are based on block chain technology to meet the market demand of IoT.

MY8603 as a highly integrated Block Chain IoT Chip SoC applied in the market, which is independently developed by MyTek. MY8603 provides 10 times faster performance than existing products, which has hardware engine acceleration and software architecture of the company's independent R&D "mini OS". It supports encryption engine and mainstream block chain algorithms to provide higher level of secure solutions. Built-in 32 bit CPU, memory management engine, OTP and random number generator, those that can optimize software performance under the protection of information security. MY8603 has a variety of I/O for customers to choose, including USB, SPI, UART, I2C, I2S and ADC.